MS Tower 6


The CS series is a series of luminaires designed to operate in rugged environment such as container handling cranes. Its armored outfit protects the electronics within, dividing the external environment from its internal cavity. This ensures the longevity of the LED light sources and its components to operate reliably without the influences of the environment. With this new addition in the prismatic luminaire series, users now have better illumination in such areas


Uncommonly high energy savings against conventional lighting up to 80% in 1:1 replacement ratio

  • Powder coated die cast aluminium ADC12 body
  • Electronic Driver in IP66 water safe casing.
  • Built in breather to prevent any mist and dews forming.
  • Light housing is designed for 500-hour salt spray test.
  • Light housing is designed for wind tunnel test
  • Light housing is designed for 5G vibration shock test
  • Heavy duty bracket with adjustable angle and safety chain to lightbody, ballast (optional). Ballast box detachment from body is optional.
  • Extra safety wire for ring covers attached to main housing
  • <IK08 special lens design
  • Extra low glare and light pollution
  • ToprangeCREELEDwithhighest OpticalControlFactor(OCF)
  • LED selected with Level 4 per ANSI UL/8750 (A fire and safetyconsiderat ion)
  • UniversalACinput(upto305VAC)
  • Full range protection:Short-circuit / Overcurrent / Over temperaturefor LED Driver
  • Built in active Power Factor Correction (PFC).
  • M eet 4KV Surge immunity level (IEC61000-4-5)
  • Special SPD 10KA/20KA can be added.
  • Class2powerunit/PassLPS(exceptforMeanwellHLG120Hdriver)
  • Lead free soldering on PCB
  • Flame retardant cables with increased oil resistance
  • Flame retardant V2 rubber seal